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Join Our Team

We're excited to have new team members helping us out with the campaign; however, we also ask that you first please consider transitioning your school to renewable energy. In the case that you for some reason cannot transition your school and/or want to get even more involved with the Green Schools Campaign we would love to welcome you to our team!  Here are the two main opportunities we have...

General Team Members

We have some open positions below, but if you have a special skill you can offer, let us know and we'll find a role for you. Each team usually meets once a week where the director may assign you projects/tasks to work on until next meeting!

Events Team Member

Creative Team Member/ Graphic Designer - Work with our Creative Director to make content for social media.

Region Coordinators

Our 12 Region Coordinators work with students who've signed up to transition their schools to renewable energy.


Ideally they have some experience with climate activism or renewable energy, but mostly it's about energizing people. We need organized, engaged, and responsible youth! Preferably in High School/ College

If you're interested in any of these positions, email us at 

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