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GSC 1st Birthday!!!

Hello, friends! Do you know what today is? It’s the Green Schools Campaign’s first birthday! On August 2, 2020, the GSC officially launched. Since that glorious day, we have made so much progress and expanded our committee across the globe. Here are some of our highlights:

  • Helped transition LAUSD, LACCD and Marlborough school districts

  • Over 45 active districts/schools are working to change to renewable energy, including Long Beach Poly, PALI, Lodi, and Decatur

  • Created our official website,

  • Created 2 handbooks: 1 for students who want to transfer their schools to renewable energy (which you can find on our website), and 1 for our region coordinators

  • Created a JEDI team (Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion) inside the campaign (learn more about it in the Pride Month blog post below!)

  • Became an international team with schools in every continent (excluding Antarctica, although we do hope to get penguin schools to renewable energy)

  • Gained 11 region coordinators across the globe (7 in America, 4 internationally)

  • Created partnerships with 10 groups, including Project Planet A, Earth Uprising, and The Climate Warriors Project

  • Gave 25+ presentations/discussions

  • Built a social media following of 2.8k thousand with 155 posts

Pretty impressive, huh? I’ve had such a fun time working on the campaign and I’m so proud of all the fantastic members and their hard work. We also can’t forget the amazing students who got in touch with our campaign to make their schools cleaner and the organizations that have worked with us to help save the planet one school at a time. And YOU, the person reading this blog post, thank you for supporting our team. Have a great rest of your summer, and a wonderful autumn!

~Riley Brown, Press Lead

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