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About Us

A Purposeful Campaign

Our Mission

The Green Schools Campaign centers advocacy and grassroots organizing to enable leaders to spearhead initiatives to transition educational institutions to 100% renewable energy and advance community justice.

Our Vision

Bridge the gap between clean, renewable energy and the educational sector.

Build the next generation of community Climate Justice leaders! 


Who We Are

The Green Schools Campaign is an initiative spearheaded by the Youth Action Committee of Climate Reality Project's LA Chapter. We have an incredible team of passionate young people from across the world, many of them members of the committee. You can learn about our team by clicking here.

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The Climate Reality Project

Our parent organization, The Climate Reality Project, was started by Noble Laureate and former Vice-President Al Gore to empowers everyday people to become activists. We’re activists, cultural leaders, organizers, scientists, and storytellers who’ve come together to solve the greatest challenge of our time.


Our Mission

The Green Schools Campaign's mission is to transition every school in the world to 100% renewable energy by creating a diverse, global network of young activists ready to fight fossil fuel companies in their local communities.  


The Process

We have a solid approach to transitioning schools to 100% clean renewable energy. It all starts with students, and then we guide them through building broad community support and pushing leadership while building an understanding of the local energy landscape. It's all outlined in our handbook, which you can find here

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