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So, how does it work?

The process is simple, and the reward is huge. Saving our planet is worth reading a few paragraphs.


Contact Us

The first step is reaching out to the Green Schools Campaign. We'll hop on a call with you to get a sense of how to best transition your school or district to renewable energy. You can set that up by filling out this form.


We'll Meet!

We want to be there for you during the whole process, and customize our program for your needs. That's why in the second step, you'll meet with one of our Region Coordinators and discuss your plan of action! 


Do the Work

After the initial meeting, we'll get to work on following the handbook and transitioning your school. Your Region Coordinator will be working with you every step of the way, and we'll provide as much support as you need.


Get Certified

Once you transition your school to 100% renewable energy, we'll get you on our Green Schools Map (coming soon) and your school will be able to use our logo and advertise their achievement!

Take the First Step

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