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GSC Success Stories Update

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hello, friends! Today, we want to take a moment to recognize a couple of schools for their hard work in transitioning to renewable energy.

First up, Long Beach Poly High School. Poly has been working towards getting the Long Beach Board of Education to pass a resolution: 100% clean renewable energy in the electricity sector by 2030, and 100% renewable energy in all other energy sectors by 2040. This campaign was founded by Poly’s very own Diana Michaelson. In an article with Press-Telegram, she explained her motivation: “I took an environmental science class my freshman year, and working for GSC over the summer, I got a better understanding of how damaging consumerism is to the environment, about the ozone pollution in certain parts of Long Beach and the air pollution caught in the LA valley.” Some Poly students have met with LBUSD board members to discuss the campaign, including Superintendent Jill Baker. Poly High School may have started the campaign, but it has expanded to other Long Beach schools, including Lakewood, Millikan, and Cabrillo. You can learn more about Lakewood’s environmental journey through their social media handle, @lakewoodgsc.

If you want to learn more about Poly High School’s work, check out these links:

Social media: @polygsc

Another school doing their part to save our planet is Palisades Charter High School. They are working towards 100% clean renewable energy by 2025. Palisades Charter HS is one of 18 high schools in Southern California which host chapters of the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force (STF). All 18 STF chapters coordinate their work to transition their schools to 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency with a focus on environmental justice and equity. (Of the 18 STF chapters, one school has already achieved committing to transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy.) At the Palisades Charter HS chapter of STF, 30+ students meet weekly to plan their clean energy campaign. The Human Rights Watch Student Task Force welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the Green Schools Campaign whenever possible.

Interested in supporting the Palisades Charter High School campaign? Sign their petition here: Commit Palisades Charter High School to 100% Renewable Energy

But the world-saving doesn't stop there! Here’s a few more schools we’re working with along with their petitions you can sign:

Carson High School -

Culver City High School -

Da Vinci Schools -

Make sure to check out these schools’ fantastic progress! We’re changing the planet one school at a time; thanks for being a part of the mission. Goodbye, my fellow activists!

-Riley Brown, Press Lead

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