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Transitioning every school to 100% clean renewable energy.


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The Green Schools Campaign works to transition schools across the globe to 100% renewable energy, by giving students the tools, encouragement, and support to directly lead change in their own communities and combat the climate crisis.

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LAUSD 100% Clean Renewable Energy Transition


LAUSD is the second largest school district in America.

In December of 2019, with unanimous support from board members, they committed to 100% clean renewable electricity by 2030.

Success Stories

Marlborough Climate Reality 100% Clean Renewable Energy Transition

Marlborough School

Gaby Cohen, a student at Marlborough School and trained climate leader, teamed up with the Climate Reality LA to make Marlborough School greener.


In 2019, Marlborough committed to 100% renewable electricity by 2030.


Los Angeles Community College District is the largest in America.

In July 2020, the Board of Trustees is expected to vote to commit to 100% clean renewable electricity by 2030.

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